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The Stand Up Meeting

I've worked in the startup world and have had stand up meetings before. I've always thought they were just another of those startup gimmicks... They are! Having now looked at the theory I can say that in most instances that I have experienced they are being used poorly. They seem to be used a way to keep the meeting short, rather than to achieve a defined purpose. This is also an issue with most meetings - they are not run to achieve a purpose, but held just for the sake of having a meeting.

In the Agile methodology they are used to enable a team to keep on top of how the project is progressing. Three things are discussed in the daily stand-ups:

  1. What you achieved yesterday?
  2. What do you plan to achieve today?
  3. Is there anything blocking your progress?

Certainly useful in programming, but also useful in the wider business world. However, it can quickly become something that isn't actually useful to the team if it is not managed correctly. Participants must always be aware of a meetings purpose, there should be a project manager or chairperson taking charge of every meeting, and there should be someone responsible for taking notes of the meeting and ensuring that key actions are taken forward by the relevant people. Otherwise meetings just become wastes of time.

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