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Apply a time lapse to provide a show of user experience

Blackrock DART Station

As soon as the professor told us of the task for the week I knew exactly what I wanted to show, as it was something that I had experienced that very morning - the walk from Blackrock DART station to the High Street.

It reminded me of the photo above - showing design v user experience. The path goes one way, but people take a short cut across the corner.

We have much the same situation in Blackrock. The road goes up the hill by curving around a car park. The car park is the shorter route up the hill and therefore the route that most people take. Whilst it doesn't cause any damage (such as killing the grass in the photo above), it does show that people will take the shortest and easiest route. Even if they are not supposed to!

You can check out my time lapse video below.

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